Parkinson’s Inspired ‘Dopamine Disco’ to Launch at Yellow Arch Studios.

 On Sunday 18 August a brand new dance craze – fully accessible to people with health issues and inspired by scientific research and art therapy – will launch at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield.

Dopamine Disco is created by Sheffield-based artist, musician and digital consultant Simon Brown who was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 43.

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder associated with the loss of dopamine-generating cells in the brain.

As he learnt to come to terms with his condition, Simon discovered that music and dancing provided significant relief from the tremors, muscle stiffness and depression attributed to the disease.

The very first Dopamine Disco event will take place at Yellow Arch Studios on Sunday 18th August (4:20pm – 9:00pm).

Visitors to the Dopamine Disco can expect to experience smiles, dancing and good vibes, as well as sensory rooms, interactive audio-visual experiences and games.

Dopamine Disco will offer a welcoming and accessible journey through dance music – with DJs and live music performances – as Yellow Arch Studios becomes a place for people of all ages to learn about the importance of the organic chemical dopamine, generated by the human body. The music has been carefully selected, distilled for 30 years and quality-checked for its dopaminergic properties.

Simon explains: “Anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia are all symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, but they are also conditions that affect 1 in 4 people in the UK“.

“Good music and dancing help sufferers feel better – it is scientifically proven to stimulate dopamine release in the brain, improving mood, motivation and wellbeing”.

The aim of the Dopamine Disco is to bring together and connect people in the local community, while also showing just how well music and dancing can provide relief to the suffering experienced by many people.”

Organisers plan to create experiments based on scientific research at the first Dopamine Disco event, to explore the positive impact music and dance has on the human body.

Daiga Heisters, Head of UK Parkinson's Excellence Network, adds: “It’s fantastic that Simon has organised this event for people who have health issues, including Parkinson’s, drawing on his own experience of the positive impact music and dancing has had on his health and wellbeing. His passion and innovative thinking is commendable and we’re excited to see the results of his first ‘Dopamine Disco’ event. There are 148,000 people living with Parkinson’s in the UK and whilst there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, we encourage them to take part in suitable exercise, including dancing, that helps ease their symptoms and keep them active. We wish Simon the best of luck as he launches this event.”

Andy Cook, Director at Yellow Arch Studios, comments: “When Simon approached us with his idea for the Dopamine Disco we were bowled over by his enthusiasm, positivity and ideas. We can’t wait for the first event which promises to be a unique and possibly even life-changing experience!”

Whether you’re interested in taking part as a therapeutic release for Parkinson’s Disease or as an individual who simply just wants to let go and dance for the day with no judgement, stress or sleep deprivation, the Dopamine Disco is open to individuals of all ages and abilities.

The organisers hope that the event at Yellow Arch Studios will be just the start, as the Dopamine Disco dance revolution takes hold.

Simon explains: “Our aim is to develop and use this method of social prescribed symptom relief across the UK and beyond, bringing the healing of the Dopamine Disco to the masses – potentially even live streaming it worldwide.”

Dopamine Disco is supported by Yellow Arch Studios, Denon DJ, BBC and Parkinson’s UK.


Come join one and all and experience a unique event at Yellow Arch Studios on Sunday 18th August 2019 4:20pm start.


Admission is FREE. Donations welcome.

For further information email hello@dopaminedisco.tv