How the disco happened

How the disco happened

Dopamine Disco®

I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease which means my brain does not produce enough dopamine. This makes me feel shaky, fidgety and stiff, but worst of all it makes me feel miserable.

Dancing is a recognised therapy for all aspects of Parkinson’s Disease. Great, I love dancing, but I’m too old to go to clubs (46) and I don’t fancy doing the rumba in a community centre at 2pm every other Tuesday. 

When I sat down and thought about, I realised I’ve easily racked up my 10,000 hours of dancefloor participation. I’ve lost myself in clubs of Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London, listened to months’ worth of quality underground electronic music, I’ve been producing music since 1994 and did my first DJ gig aged 12... So, it’s fair to say I like dancing in clubs.

However, I’m a dad, I’ve got grown up responsibilities, no time... I can’t spend a whole day in bed at the weekend, plus I can’t face the horrors of the aftermath of over-indulgence and sleep deprivation. 

Then it occured to me. What if we put on an event during the day?! And don’t get messed up (well maybe a little), but we should definitely get dressed up.

I just want to hear some loud, deep music and have a dance. I don’t need a marathon all-nighter endurance race.

Just a few hours of forgetting about everything, getting lost in the music.

Then back home for 6.

Yes, you can count it as exercise.

You know that feeling when you’re really going for it on the dancefloor and you catch someone’s eye and you both just smile in agreement and platonic approval, that at this point in time nothing else matters except the music and you being one? That moment when the groove is so deep, mangled visuals morph with dry ice and lasers. I used to feel like I was in the future. These are the  moments I want to recreate.

Why Techno music? It is both primal and deceptively smart (like us humans). Techno has no time for nostalgia, it’s the sound of now.

Techno is primitive and beautiful, its mechanised grooves are easy to lock onto, it’s not pretentious or high maintenance. It has no prejudice, It’s non-gender specific. it only cares about one thing. You dancing. 

I want to start a dance craze. I picture it as incorporating the down rocking aspect of hip-hop, elements of contemporary dance and re-inventing vogueing as ‘holograming’ which would even be accessible to wheelchair users (like me one day) but I’m open to stealing moves from any dance discipline.  

I also plan to explore how technologies such as V.R / A.R projection mapping etc, can create an immersive collaborative experience.

I believe dancing can make us happier and enrich our lives, both physically and mentally.

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see above some example DD music.

Support for the project.

”I love this concept and am so excited for you to pitch the idea!”

“Exercise is a vital component for a healthy life for people living with Parkinson’s and Simon’s commitment to complementing this exercise with the creativity of music and dance is not only an exciting release of energy but also extremely beneficial for improving strength and motor coordination. Dopamine Disco is sure to strengthen the Parkinson’s community by creating a safe space to simply release all judgement and complications and connect with oneself and with others through the power of music and dance.”

Camila Gadala-Maria
Professional Education Associate
Parkinson's Foundation

Self confessed knowledge hoarder.