The Plan



I want to build an open-studio that inspires and encourages the creation of outsider art.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 3 years ago I’ve been working tirelessly to understand how I can help myself and others facing a similar situation.

Quite by accident I realised that the act of creating art that I put everything into, makes me feel happier and helps me enjoy my life more.

Shit, does that mean I’m a fucking artist!
You might be one too.

I don’t want stuff, I want to help people deal with horrible shit by making art and understanding design.
I don’t want to own the studio I just want to live in the caretakers bungalow.

I have 25 years experience of creative professional practice, I’d like to share with the world, I want to upload myself.


Here is plan so far.

  • Clarify my story and purpose

  • Create awareness

  • Gain supporters

  • Collate foundation workshops

  • Document and share all my knowledge about, art & design, creativity, UX, CRO, music production….